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Aesthetics, acoustics and technique in perfect balance.

About Primacy

Any new Premo creation arises from deep thought aimed at getting the best technical performance out of its products. And sometimes, aesthetics and technique blend together for perfect balance. When designing the PRIMACY line, the goal was the best spatial partitioning performance with the utmost importance on aesthetics. The profiles and skirting disappear to create a simple combination of materials and textures.

Technical specifications

Thickness: 113 mm.
Glass: Single or double-glazed glass. / Thicknesses ranging from 3+3 mm to 8+8 mm.
Soundproofing: 50 dB.
Doors: Blind, glass or mixed. / Swing or sliding. / 40, 50 or 113 mm thicknesses. / Hidden bolts.
Possibilities: Blind, glass or mixed. Cupboard partition.
Optional elements: Venetian blinds between panes.
Inner supports: 0,8 mm steel.
Bottom Runner: Hidden.
Outer profiles: Anodized or lacquered aluminum.
Top Runner: Hidden.
Interior: 75 mm. thick rock wool.
Corners: Butt joint panels and glass.
Panels: All types of decorative panels, 19 mm. thick.
Panel joints: 3 mm grooving with aluminum profiles.

“Aesthetic and the technical in perfect harmony”


A PRIMACY partition offers complete visual integration in work areas with sound reduction between rooms by up to RW 50 dB due to the use of two 6+6 sheets of security glass.

The joints created with transparent polycarbonate profiles ensure perfect sealing between panes.
The doors match the system as they are transparent and flush on both sides of the wall.


The PRIMACY system is versatile and combines robustness (with the 75 mm double-steel inner structure) and elegance to create intimate spaces with more visual areas by downplaying the doors which are hidden in the walls.

The door frames are hidden (solid partitions) or exposed (glass partitions). The structural profiles disappear from the wall vision field as the elegance of the lines is maintained with 3 mm thick joints. The range of finishes is very extensive will the possibility of installing all types of decorative panels in different materials and finishes to customize the spaces.


When developing the Primacy system, the idea was to create outstanding doors to imitate the entire partitioning system.

Primacy offers a collection of single and double doors with single or double glazing and exposed or hidden frames that are flush on one or two sides of the partitioning.


In some buildings, the sound absorption and reduction of the construction elements are key to their use.

Large-capacity sports centers, auditoriums, schools and other learning premises, clinics and hospital complexes… are all common buildings where a SteelPhonic system is installed.


The aesthetic option of a single pane of glass attached half-way up the wall provides 38 dB of sound reduction and easily solves the mechanics and aesthetic elements of the entire system.

It is the simplest option to allow visual communication between users without losing any privacy in the work area.


The option of a mixed blind/glass partition hides any furnishings next to the wall all while maintaining light in the room.

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